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About Us

Misty and Beverly are a mother and daughter team with a creative vision, inspired by their travels and unique experiences from around the world.

Misty resided in southern California for 18 years before relocating to Fredericktown. She spent childhood summers visiting her grandparents here. She loved the wide open spaces, kayaking Missouri's rivers, hot summer nights, hiking, stargazing, lightening bugs, rolling hills, being in nature and a slower pace.

Beverly grew up in Fredericktown. She moved to Texas at a young age. She has owned Hired Hands Day Spa in Pearland, Texas for more than 25 years. She has traveled extensively, documenting her journey on her Youtube Channel, "Becoming Bev". She loves working with her daughter, Misty to create Fredrock as a whimsical, memorable, unique experience.

They bought the property in April of 2020 and spent the first year clearing trails, cleaning up the property, revamping the campsites, and creating unique stays. Their vision has come to life, as you will see in the attention to detail and the creativity in each space. They have worked to make Fredrock a memorable place for you to unwind and bask in nature.